Monday, December 1, 2014

Exercise: PURE BARRE!!

I absolutely love Pure Barre!  I took a class during the summer when I auditioned to be an instructor.  I didn't end up getting the job, but I fell in love with this workout.

It's a low-intensity workout mixing Ballet, Pilates, and yoga.  Don't let the words "low-intensity" fool you.  You will feel the workout in every inch of your body!  It tones you from head to toe in every class.

November 30, I went to a free class hosted by Chiorganicgirls at a studio in Lincoln Park.  The two women who write the blog are friendly and outgoing.  Their blog focuses on finding free or cheap food, exercise, and fitness places all over Chicago.  They'll even let you know what they find when they travel.  It's a great blog with great women.

The class was amazing!  I struggled with planks a lot.  I noticed other areas that need improvement.  I think that's why Pure Barre is so great.  It's easy on the body while making you sweat.  You can easily figure out your strengths and what needs improvement.

At the end of class, Chiorganicgirls did a raffle and took a group picture.  They were wonderful hosts and Pure Barre was fantastic.  The owner of this Lincoln Park location was so nice and friendly.  She can easily answer any of your questions and give encouragement.  It's such a great environment.

I have a goal to work on exercises at home and then take one Pure Barre class a month. 

Have you tried any new fitness classes/routines?  Have any favorites?

Share them!

"Keep Moving Forward"

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