Saturday, December 6, 2014

Grateful Posts

Nov 30 - I am grateful for an amazing time in a free Pure Barre class hosted by Chiorganicgirls! I am going to make sure to take one Pure Barre class once a month until I can afford more. I  PURE BARRE!!!
 — feeling healthy.  (They have a group picture on their website which I'm in!!)

That was my last grateful post on Facebook.  I did one year and one month.  I am very proud of myself for accomplishing that goal.  I didn't even know how long I wanted to keep it going for.  Coming up with one thing you're grateful for every day isn't always easy.  I had my challenging days.  But it has helped me beyond words.

I do not want to stop writing what I'm grateful for and I've had such positive reactions to them that I know I need to keep them going.  I will be writing what I'm grateful for in a journal and then pick three to post every Saturday.

My first is the one above and here are my other two:

Dec 2 - I am grateful for my beautiful Christmas decorations.

(Pictures to come next week!)

Dec 3 - I am grateful for a friend at work.  And for beautiful Christmas lights.  And for a wonderful at home date with my guy.

"Keep Moving Forward"

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  1. Can't wait to see your Christmas decorations pictures.