Friday, December 26, 2014

Early Christmas with My Guy

Last week on Tuesday, my guy and I had our own Christmas.  We knew we wouldn't be together on the day, so we wanted to have a special day all to ourselves.  Our schedules are kind of opposite at the moment.  We don't get as much time as we have during the warmer months.  So having a night together full of festivities, fun and love is wonderful.

As I mentioned in my post earlier this week, we watched Black Sheep, had hard apple ciders, and had a yummy Italian spaghetti squash dinner.  After dinner and a movie, we put in A Charlie Brown Christmas to put us in a festive mood and exchanged gifts.

He put my gift under the tree.  =)

Santa came early!!  I gave him a stocking.

With a stocking stuffer inside!  A nutcracker ornament!

Santa (my dad) got him a gift!  Star Wars signs for the wall.

He kept getting distracted by the movie!  haha!

I got him one of his favorite movies...Sandlot!

I also got him a Star Wars poster that he told me he loved!  I love his reactions.  He was so happy!

I love the tradition of the pickle ornament.  A pickle ornament is hidden in the Christmas tree.  The finder receives a token or good fortune in the following year.

My guy got me a pickle ornament!  And it's from my favorite store that might be going out of business.  We were passing by the week before and I mentioned that I hope they just get a new owner and the store doesn't close.  I never got to buy anything from them.  So he got me something that I really wanted!  <3

My card!  It's so cute!

After gifts we had dessert.

I got a vegan peppermint chocolate cupcake.  It was so yummy!

My guy got a chocolate cookie cake.  I love how they made it festive!

We were both extremely silly that night.  We were laughing all night and had such a good time.  It was such a special night and I cannot imagine a better one.  I am so grateful that he is in my life.


"Keep Moving Forward"


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    1. He was making faces and weird noises while taking pictures. It was too funny! I love that picture!