Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Being Quiet is Sometimes Best

I saw this on Pinterest and it hit home.  I aim to do this every moment of every day.  Last week, this made me think of an incident at work.  Apparently, two women thought I was being rude for not saying excuse me.  They were not in my way and I had enough room to do what I had to do.  I didn't see a need to say excuse me.  I almost bumped into one of the women's things, which I said, "I'm sorry" for (it's a tight space in the locker room).  They proceeded to complain about a girl who had "no home training" and who was extremely rude.  I realized that they were talking about me in front of me!  I looked at both of them, bit my tongue and walked away.  

I thought they were extremely rude and should have said something directly to me in a nice way or just stayed quiet.  But I cannot control what others do.  I only can control what I do.  So instead of saying something in anger, I took a breath and stayed quiet.

I knew if I said something, it wouldn't have come out in a nice way.  Staying quiet was the best decision and sometimes is the only way.

Have you experienced this lately?

"Keep Moving Forward"

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