Friday, May 23, 2014

Patience is Key

Earlier this week I worked a four day job at a restaurant show.  I thought working with chefs, even if it was only washing dishes, that people would know what I mean when I say vegan.  They did not.

I ended up spending the whole show mostly explaining how I eat on a daily basis.  I was also told, "Eat some meat already."  I have a high patience level.  A lot of times, questions, comments and looks I get just roll off my back.  I love my diet and love my life.  So what people think doesn't really bother me.  However, I am only human.  Sometimes a look or comment will set me over my patience limit and will, honestly, piss me off.  It makes me feel disrespected.  I'm not the vegan who'll scream at you or tell you that eating a burger is bad.  I made the choice to go vegan.  Just like most people choose to eat meat and other animal products...I chose not to.  I respect your decision to eat differently than me.  All I ask is the same respect.

Do you ever feel this way?

"Keep Moving Forward"