Thursday, March 20, 2014

Workout Challenges

I just started these challenges today!  Anyone want to join in the fitness fun?

"Keep Moving Forward"

Friday, March 7, 2014

Vegan Cupcakes!!

For my birthday, I made myself vegan cupcakes to share with friends.  I made a vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting.  I was scared and overwhelmed at first because it seemed so daunting.  But after finishing them, I can do it again (and I coming soon!).

Website I used for the cupcake:

Website I used for the frosting (I did recipe #2):

This is the wrong chocolate but it's the only one I was able to find.  I prefer the unsweetened Baker's chocolate.  It's vegan and tastes better in baked goods in my opinion.

These came out very delicious.  I would play with the flavor of the cupcakes.  I was expecting a stronger vanilla flavor.  I would maybe add vanilla bean to it.
"Keep Moving Forward"

Birthday Gifts!

My 25th birthday was back in October.  I meant to post the three previous  posts and the next several a few months ago.  But I got distracted with life.  Now I'm back!

These are some of my amazing gifts I received!

My dad gave me lovely Halloween wine glasses.  There was a third one with a witch on it but it accidentally broke.  But my favorite is the ghost which says "I'm just here for the...BOOS."  HAHA!

I went over my friend Andres' to celebrate my birthday one night (one of many).  We shared two bottles of wine!  Yum!

At  this point, I was still vegetarian and learning to transition to vegan.  So he made me regular cupcakes for my birthday!

His cat, Peeves.

Look at all the beautiful colors!

Andres and I

Ryan and I (he's a mutual friend of me and Andres and was Andres' roommate).

What the cupcakes looked like after taking a bite!  How cool!
I had such a blast that night!  Laid back and super fun.  There's nothing better than spending time with friends and family.
"Keep Moving Forward"

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pumpkin Picking 2013!

Every year my friend Heidi and I go pumpkin picking.  It's become a tradition.  It also has an animal farm.  I'm hoping to be able to volunteer there one year.

My baby pumpkins I got!

I refuse to go into the chicken coop!  It freaks me out!

We were taking great pictures in the maze!  So much fun!

Waiting for the Great Pumpkin!

I had so much fun!  We did this back in October.  Besides my cute little pumpkins, I also got my jar of honey that I get once a year at this farm.  So delicious!  And so worth the price!  It's the only honey I'll eat.
"Keep Moving Forward"