Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Decorations!

'Tis the season for Christmas decorations!!  Christmas is my favorite holiday.  I'm planning all year.  I put up my decorations on December 2, the day after my parents headed home from visiting for Thanksgiving.  I've been enjoying my lights.

It's kind of weird that I have nothing to do to prepare for Christmas anymore.  I do have cards and gifts to send out.  But besides that, I'm done.  So now I'm enjoying decorations, music and movies while doing my normal busy work.

I love my decorations.  Here they are!

Last summer, the corner store across the street from me was closing.  So everything was 50% off.  I went in and walked out with tons of Christmas stuff.  I ended up getting 75% off it all because I was the first or one of the first to buy the Christmas merchandise.  I got these amazing lights!  I love them!

Not sure if you see it, but there's a Santa's hat on my lamp.

My tree!

The tree and majority of the ornaments were my grandparents'.  I always feel connected to them when I decorate.  My favorite is the angel for the top.

I keep my favorites on the top of the tree.  Olaf is new (my dad got me him when he was here for Thanksgiving).  The hummingbird is one of my favorites.  My grandmother and I always loved hummingbirds.

My lovely hummingbird.

Santa came a little early. =)

My nativity set that my grandmother passed down to me.  She hand painted all the pieces. I cherish this set.  I do my best to take care of it.

Baby Jesus won't be uncovered until Christmas Day.

My little tree on my nightstand in my bedroom.  I had this in college.  My mom made all the ornaments and the angel.

This is my favorite.

I love all my decorations.  

What are your favorite decorations?

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