Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas Craft Fun

My parents came to visit me for Thanksgiving.  We normally go see a lot of movies while they're here.  This time we did something different.  The Saturday after the holiday, we had breakfast with my guy so he could meet them again.

Afterwards, my parents and I went to my place.  We made soup and then crafted all day.  My mom got us wooden ornaments to decorate.  One was a snow globe and another was a framed box.

Here are our creations:

My mom's snow globe

My mom's framed box

My dad's snow globe

My framed box

My dad's framed box

My snow globe

I am very proud of mine.  My snow globe took a long time.  By the time I finished that one I knew what I wanted to do for my framed box.  I felt so creative and in the Christmas spirit!  It was so much fun to do something active and creative with my parents versus sitting in a dark movie theater.  We did watch Christmas movies while making the ornaments but it was really to keep us in the spirit while focusing on the ornaments.

Did you do anything fun Thanksgiving weekend?

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