Sunday, November 2, 2014


I've neglected my blog since JULY!  I am shocked by this because I thought I posted more.  I had issues with my computer.  I was getting it fixed shortly after my post in July.  I didn't have a computer for about three weeks.  Then I got my computer back and I couldn't post on my blog through internet explorer (I have a PC).  I tried to post, but it wouldn't work.  Then I meant to post through Chrome, but was lazy and forgot.

Now I have found a new focus.  I will be posting old pictures of events and possibly recipes from the summer and until the present.

I have a new format that I am planning to implement.  I will have five categories that I will be posting under.  They are as follows:

-  Food/Recipes
-  Exercise
-  Motivational video
-  What I'm grateful for
-  Adventure/Activities/Fun

My goal at the moment is to get back in shape for dance.  I'm hoping to start taking classes again in the spring.  My motivational picture to keep me focused is below.

I just have to remember...

Find what motivates you and find your focus.  Do what you can to get where you want to be.

"Keep Moving Forward"