Saturday, November 8, 2014


For Valentine's Day, my dad gave me a ticket to the Billy Joel concert at Wrigley Field in July.  I'm pretty sure that I screamed and jumped up and down when I opened the envelope!  Waiting for the day of the concert took forever!

The day of the concert arrived and I could not wait to go!  I ended up getting to the concert an hour early!  I could not wait any longer!  So I was able to find my seat (which was right on the field!!!!) and take pictures.  I loved looking up at the seats from the field.  It was such a cool feeling.

Gavin Degraw was the opening act.  I'm not a fan of his but I was able to call my cousin who is and let her listen.  I mostly was impatiently waiting for Billy Joel to perform.

My seat.

The stage

I loved all the video strips of Billy Joel playing the piano.

My dad got me a shirt for the show!

I loved the show!  It was my second Billy Joel concert.  It was incredible!  I actually met a couple people there who I hung out with during majority of the show.  They were mother and son.  It was lots of fun.  And a woman even came over and danced with me!  She said that I was obviously a big fan and that I looked lonely standing by myself.  It was so sweet.  People can be pretty great.

What adventures have you gone on recently?

"Keep Moving Forward"