Thursday, November 20, 2014

Exercise: Resting When Feeling Sick

This week I was feeling like I was catching a cold.  I decided to take CVS Flu Relief, which is a generic version of Boiron Oscillococcinum.  You take one of the small containers of pellets (they taste like sugar) two to four times a day when you first start feeling symptoms.  It'll either go away or you'll have a very mild cold.

No colds for me!!

I took the flu relief and then rested.  I did a lot of art and watched movies.  I ate soup and drank tea.  I got a lot of sleep.  I feel loads better!

Normally I would attempt to work out in some way.  Do yoga, a mix of exercises (push-ups, crunches, jumping jacks, squats) or go for a walk.   However, this weekend I'm going on a two day trip to see my best friend, Jordanna, in her Broadway debut in a show called Side Show.  I will also be seeing my grandma, Jordanna's mom (who's like my second mother), and my new baby cousin Zoey!  I don't want to be sick and not enjoy it.  So I rested and took care of myself.

"Keep Moving Forward"

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