Thursday, November 6, 2014


I am determined to lose weight and get back in shape for dance.  I want to be a dance teacher and would like to go back to school next year to study.  I need to be in shape for it!

Last week, my elevator was out of order.  It's a seven floor building and I live on the sixth floor.  So all in all not terrible.  It was a workout!  I am out of shape!

In order to get back into shape, I have decided to only use the elevator when I have heavy bags, suitcases, or my granny cart I use to get groceries.  I will also scale the stairs as a workout in itself by doing it as many times as I can muster.

Along with stairs, I will be slowly adding more exercise.  Today, I am starting with the following:

When I start getting comfortable doing the above, I will add in a Ballet workout and yoga.  I'll eventually have a solid routine down and when I do, I will share it on here.

Starting next week, I will post a picture of myself post workout to show my progress.  When I reach my goal, I will share a before and after picture.

Find a form of exercise that interests you.  It could be dance, basketball, yoga, swimming.  As long as you are moving, sweating and being active you are being successful!  Do what you can and then do more!  Always strive to be your best self!

"Keep Moving Forward"

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