Friday, November 28, 2014

Adventure: SIDE SHOW!!!!!

As my Christmas gift this year, my parents brought me to NYC to go see Side Show which my best friend, Jordanna James, is performing as her Broadway debut!!!

Jordanna got me a poster for the show and had the entire cast sign it!!

Jordanna and Josh.  Josh is also in the show and I've known him from when they were both in Radio City's Christmas Spectacular together as elves (Yes they are little people).  They play the Littlest Cossack Man and the Littlest Cossack Woman in Side Show.

On my way to my gate at the airport they had lights that lit up along with music.

My dad gave me a pass to the United Club at the airport.

They had complimentary drinks and snacks.  I had a glass of red wine and an apple!

The morning after I arrived, my parents and I met my grandmother and my great aunt Bessie for breakfast at Georgie's Diner.  They have a vegan menu.  I had a southwestern tofu scramble.  It was delicious!

In the car on the way to Side Show!!  So excited!!

St. James theatre where Side Show is playing!!


Jordanna and Josh as the Littlest Cossack people with other characters from the play.


My parents and I on the train.

After the show we went to a Turkish restaurant.  Me and Jordanna!

Jordanna and I in her dressing room!

I LOVED Side Show!!  It was breathtaking.  All I'll say is that everyone needs to see the show!

I am so proud of Jordanna.  This is her dream and she has made it a reality.  She inspires me to keep moving forward and go after my dreams.  I am so happy for her and am so grateful that I was able to see her up on that stage!  She is my sister and love her.

I got to meet my new cousin, Zoey!!!  She's so adorable!  I held her for almost two hours!  I even got to feed her.  

My mom, Zoey and I

Thank you mom and dad for this wonderful gift.  I am beyond grateful and so happy that I got to see Jordanna live her dream.  Incredible!

"Keep Moving Forward"

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