Friday, January 23, 2015

Birthday Celebration and Sushi

Monday was my boyfriend's birthday.  He had to work so we celebrated when we could.

Saturday night we went out for drinks.  Our schedules have been hectic and we've been missing each other a lot.  So going out for some fun was fantastic!  We drank a little too much and just had a blast.

Tuesday night, we went to Sushi Para for dinner.  He loves sushi and needed some for his day.  We brought a bottle of wine and enjoyed some delicious food.

I had avocado rolls, sweet potato rolls, and tofu sushi.  Yummy. 

It's great that I can always find something to eat anywhere.

This wine was really good.

After dinner we watched the new Godzilla movie and had a relaxing evening.  It was a great celebration and he seemed to have had a good birthday.  I certainly enjoyed spending it with him.

"Keep Moving Forward"

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