Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Week to Be Grateful

This has been a pretty good week for me.  I'm starting to get busy outside of work with socializing and interpreting.  I have more this coming week and am looking forward to what this year will bring.

Jan 26 - I am grateful that I was able to catch up with my best friend, Jordanna.  She's been busy and it's rare that I get to talk to her on the phone.  It made my day to talk to her.  I was also grateful to catch up with my friend Kate.  I am so grateful that I have them as friends.

Me and Jordanna

I need new pictures of me and Kate!

Jan 30 - I am grateful for going out with a group of people.  I had a great time, got to sign, and hopefully will gain friends.

Jan 31 - I am grateful for having a great time at my friend Reba's Ava Anderson party.  I got chapstick and got some free lotion!  I think I might need to host a party.

What are you grateful for?

"Keep Moving Forward"

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