Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Zoo Date

My boyfriend and I went on a date to the zoo.  I wasn't having a great camera day.  My pictures continued to be blurry. 

We got there at lunch time, haha

This baby was too cute!  Swinging all over the place and continued to cuddle up to mom and dad.  At one point he hid behind dad and dad hugged him.  Oh my gosh, so cute!

I love swans!  And there were baby animals all over the zoo!  I think its the season to be twitterpated!  haha

After the zoo, we went out on the boat my boyfriend and his friends share.  It was so great to spend the night out on the boat.   Especially with views like this...

I never thought I'd enjoy being out on a boat so much.  But I'm looking forward to this summer and taking advantage of one.  So beautiful.  It's also relaxing being out on the water.
What type of things or activities are in your life that make you happy in an unexpected way?
"Keep Moving Forward"


  1. Love the pictures from the boat. Very nice.

    1. I knew you would! And I took those with my phone!