Sunday, June 29, 2014

Jersey Boys, Sailing and Fireworks

My boyfriend and I got to go see JERSEY BOYS the movie!!!!!!!!!  I LOVED it!  I've been waiting months to see this movie.  I'm a huge Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons fan!  I've even seen Frankie Valli live and saw the play, Jersey Boys.  I follow Frankie Valli on Facebook.  He's been posting information and behind the scenes pictures for months.  I could not wait to see it!  So as soon as we were able, we went to see it!  I thought it was brilliant!  They did a phenomenal job!  I loved how majority of the actors are unknown.  I also love how they got the original stage actor to play Frankie Valli in the movie.  He's amazing!  They all are!  I recommend everyone to see it!
My boyfriend enjoys going out to the suburbs (we live in Chicago).  So he decided to introduce me to a couple after seeing Jersey Boys.  I can't remember all their names.  However, we ended up in Wheaton.  There's a cute town there.  We walked around, window shopped and had dinner at The Bank.  I had one of the best veggie burgers I've ever had!  So delicious!  I had a hard time stopping eating when I was full.  It was too good to waste.  In the end, I couldn't eat that much food. Next time we go, we're planning on eating in what they call the vault.  It could be used like a banquet hall but if its not rented out, you can eat in it.  The vault used to be a bank's vault.  It was all transformed into a restaurant.  Such a great idea!  I enjoyed the town.
I took this picture while we were driving.  It's difficult to see, but I couldn't resist attempting to capture the rays of sun peeking through the clouds.  So beautiful.

After our road trip, we went out sailing on his boat.  He shares a boat with a few friends.  I haven't been out on the boat with the sails up.  It was really cool!  I had to take pictures.  I didn't take many because it was rocky and didn't want my phone to go overboard.  It was a beautiful night!

It was really windy.  My pictures were coming out blurry.  But I love this one for some reason even though its super blurry.

We went far out on the lake to sail around before watching fireworks.

I loved the light and colors on the water.

It was such a beautiful night. 

I had such an amazing weekend.  I feel so blessed.
What did you do this weekend?
"Keep Moving Forward"


  1. Great pictures! We are such total opposites! Although I would like to the movie it's not on the top of my list. I want to go to see Transformers! LOL

    1. Andres gave Transformers a bad review. Said it was poorly done and kinda like they were making fun of fans for liking these characters. This one didn't make me want to see it. I love transformers, but this one doesn't look amazing. I can't wait to see Maleficent.
      What do you think of the blurry picture of the lights? I thought it looked cool.