Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sunshine Cures All

I love going out and enjoying the sunshine.  It always seems to make me feel better no matter what mood I'm in when I head outside.  I get notifications on Facebook about unbelievable facts.  I saw this today and I felt it was a good one to share.

This statement is true.  I've been depressed twice in my life.  Two years ago, I went to a very dark place.  I was in a hole.  The bad thing was that I didn't know I was at the time.  During the depression, I barely left my apartment.  I didn't want to go outside or really do anything.  When I hit my lowest point and scared myself, I started going to therapy.  Therapy helped me get out of the hole I was in and the darkness.  Now that I'm out of depression, I go out to enjoy the sunshine as much as I can.  I try to go for a walk everyday even if its raining.  During the summer last year, I was still getting out of depression.  I was working at an outside mall.  I made a point to go outside everyday during my break, unless it was raining.  I believe that being outside in the sunshine helped me gain control of my thoughts, outlook on life, and my happiness.  Sunshine really does help cure all.

Have you gone out in the sunshine today?

"Keep Moving Forward"

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