Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Strengthen the Ankles

My ankles were sprained during one year in college.  As a result, I have weaker ankles.  Now that I'm working to get in shape and get back into dance, I need my ankles strong.

I came across Popsugar's article on 7 Ankle Strengthening Exercises.  I cannot wait to add these to my regular workouts.

Calf Raises - Basic
20 reps

Calf Raises - External Rotation
20 reps

Calf Raises - Internal Rotation
20 reps

Dorsi Flexion with Resistance Band
20 reps on both sides

Heel Walks
20 small steps forward
Turn around and 20 steps back

Lateral Hops
30 seconds on each leg
Repeat 3 times

Plantar Flexion with Resistance Band
20 reps

What can you add to your workout to improve your body?

"Keep Moving Forward"

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