Friday, May 15, 2015

Dad's Visit

This month my dad came for a visit!  It was so great to spend time with him one on one.  Last time I saw him was Christmas.  Being so far away from my family is difficult.

His visit came at a time when I really needed family time.

He was only here for a weekend, but we managed to do a lot.

The second night he was here, we went to see MacSith, which was a very entertaining play.  It was a mix between Shakespeare's Macbeth and Star Wars.  They meant for the play to be serious, but I found it hilarious.  I just couldn't take it seriously.  It was more of a comedy to me.  I enjoyed it.  They even had fights with lightsabors!  It was pretty cool.

The first night my dad was here, we went to see one of his favorite bands play, Leo and Anto.  This is me with Anto (I believe that's right).  My dad has gone to a lot of their shows and knows them pretty well by now.  They even invite him on stage sometimes.  Unfortunately, I didn't get to see that.

That's me and Leo.  

It was a good show.  I enjoyed it.  I never heard their music before.  I do have their CDs and my dad got a couple of them signed.  I never got around to listening.  The music is pretty good.

I'm not a music aficionado like my dad. But I enjoy sharing music with him because of how passionate he is about bands/musicians that he likes.  We even like some of the same ones.

Before seeing MacSith, we spent the day out in the beautiful sunshine.  We went to the zoo.

I thought this was so strange looking.  It's like a root of a tree but it's growing out the side of the trunk instead of in the ground.

I loved this section of all the plants.  I love flowers.  There was so much color.

There was a section of different types of moss.  They definitely have a sense of humor.  Check out all the dinosaurs!

My head is so puny next to those giant leaves.

This was one of my dad's favorites.

This is called a sausage tree.  It really does look like giant sausages hanging down.  I also found it funny that they hung a bat in the tree.  Look how large those "sausages" are compared to the bat!

My dad!

A baby rhino!  So cute!

We don't have a picture, but we also saw a baby gorilla.  We both had never seen one in real life before.  It was very cool.  There was a huge crowd and a lot of the gorilla section was closed off so mom and baby had space to bond.  We ended up standing at the perfect spot and saw the mom climbing and then playing with the baby.  A baby gorilla is so darn cute!  It was such a miraculous thing to witness.

This vulture just stood there.  And I swear he knew I was taking a picture!

He looks like he is staring at me!

A couple seconds after I took this picture, he laid down.  Perfect timing!

Oh!  Look how pretty!

Besides the two shows and the zoo, we walked by the lake and around the city.  We also watched a couple movies.  It was a very relaxing weekend.  We both got to spend time with each other and enjoy the sunshine.  I had such a great time.  I think that this needs to be an annual tradition.  
Perhaps next time it could be during the summer so my dad can enjoy some music festivals.

What have you done this week that makes you happy?

"Keep Moving Forward"

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