Monday, August 12, 2013

Vegan Ice Cream

I had a craving for ice cream today.  It's a beautiful sunny, summer day with sporadic rain.  Perfect for ice cream. 

I've only had vegan ice cream from the Chicago Diner, so I was curious to try some.  On my way to Whole Foods, I thought I'd get two different brands to try: So Delicious and Tofutti.  However, when I arrived, I saw that Tofutti was not there.  So I decided on two flavors instead.

The Pomegranate Chip was delicious.  It's a good flavor when you want a refreshing and fruity ice cream.  I like that this brand gives you a dairy free and soy free option.  A lot of vegan products use soy, but it's not the only ingredient to make it vegan.  Some other ice creams I saw used almond milk.  I did taste the coconut a little.  Still delicious, but I wasn't expecting to taste it.

Oh my goodness!  Peanut Butter Zig Zag is fantastic!  I only allowed myself a couple spoonfuls of this one since I had already tasted the Pomegranate Chip.  This is so rich and scrumptious!  The name definitely describes it perfectly!  It truly is Purely Decadent!
I am hoping to try to make a milk shake with a couple scoops of one of the ice creams and a little soy milk.  I'd also like to try other vegan ice creams, like the ones made with almond milk.
If you're unfamiliar with the different milks vegans can have, here's a list:
Soy milk
Almond milk (or any nut-based milk)
Coconut milk
All are very delicious and can be used in their own way.  For certain recipes, you might prefer a certain kind of milk.  Some recipes specify what kind.  I love soy milk for cereal, hot chocolate, and many recipes.  However, my favorite for smoothies is almond milk.  I like the flavor it adds.
I hope everyone is enjoying their summer day like I am!
"Keep Moving Forward"


  1. Love ice cream! Not sure about these flavors but I might try others.

    1. They provide chocolate and other normal flavors. Then they have different ones like the ones I tried.

  2. How funny! I came to check your blog today after I just posted about ice cream! And it just happens to be vegan ice cream. :) Okay, it's totally fake and not ice cream at all... just blended frozen bananas- but still delicious! Also- pomegranate chip sounds amazing. :)

    1. I'd call that sorbet! Totally legit! One time I was over at Ashley's. She made a sorbet with frozen strawberries, soy milk and agave syrup. She has a vitamix so I can't do that with my simple blender. But it was delicious! Such a refreshing dessert!