Thursday, August 15, 2013

Corn Syrup: Friend or Foe

I've had many conversations with my mom about corn syrup.  Even if they don't last long, the conversation is always the same.  I've watched many documentaries about eating a vegan diet.  All of them say the same thing: corn syrup is bad for your health and is not vegan.

Why?  That's what many people ask and what my mom always asks.  If corn syrup is made from corn, why is it not vegan?

Now I could never remember the reasoning behind it.  I know that it has something to do with how it's made.  The whole point of eating a vegan diet is to eat as naturally as possible with very little processed foods.  The more natural the food is, the more it will naturally heal/restore your body.

I did some research to find the answers.  The best article I found was written by Michael Pollan.

Corn has become the king of all crops.  It costs over $3 for farmers to grow but it sells for $2.  The government pays billions of dollars every year to make sure farmers continue to grow more.  There is always excess corn on top of what the government makes farmers grow.  The companies that buy the excess corn are profiting from the excess growth, not the farmers.  This type of agriculture is bankrupting them.  The excess is used to make corn syrup, cereals, snack foods, soda and to feed animals that are used for food (beef, chicken, pigs).  Corn syrup has replaced sugar in foods.  The corn fed to animals is harmful to them and makes them grow faster.  Since the corn is harmful to the animals, they are also injected with antibiotics which can remain in the meat you eat. 

We also make sure that the corn is not harmed in any way by the environment.  So trees are cleared and tons of pesticides are sprayed to make sure the corn continues to grow.  The corn is hurting our environment and our animals.

Since there is an excess in corn production, what happens to it?  Majority of it gets turned invisible into corn syrup and put into products we eat.  Corn syrup is believed to contribute to the obesity epidemic and type 2 diabetes.

Read Michael Pollan's article for more detailed information.

I made a decision to go vegan for my health and to eat more naturally.  I also try to be conscious of the environment and to be green.  It's my decision.  You have to make your own decision.

"Keep Moving Forward"

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