Thursday, August 1, 2013

Rethinking my Staples

Every person has their own personal staples that they keep in their cupboard.  They're not always the same.  It changes depending on their daily diet. 

Let's talk about the word diet for a second.  I might throw that word out there in my blog.  However, it does not mean dieting to lose weight.  When I use the word diet, it means a person's daily they eat on a daily basis.  Society has turned the word diet into an ugly word when it really has a simple meaning.  I am trying to lose weight but I'm not "dieting."  I am changing my eating habits and making a lifestyle change.  I am deciding to eat a vegan diet.  It's a choice and a habit change. 

Back to my point...

I am rethinking the staples in my cupboard and refrigerator.  Some items I've had as staples for years, but now I'm adding to it for my health and to balance out my diet.  So what are my staples?

Have a variety of vegetables, both fresh and frozen

Have a variety of fruit, both fresh and frozen
*Unsweetened applesauce also comes in handy since its delicious to eat and also can replace eggs in baked goods
I love brown can be paired with anything.  Plus if you mix black beans and brown rice together, it makes a complete protein.

Black beans!!  Love them...use them in practically everything.  I always have about 5 cans at all times in my cupboard.

Garlic and onions have to be put together.  They are a great staple.  Just sauté garlic and onion and add whatever you like and you have a great meal.
Salt and need to really explain.  Add it to any meal and it adds flavor.
I love diced tomatoes.  You can add it to anything or make a sauce from them.  They're wonderful to have on hand.

Nutritional yeast.  This I have not tried yet, but am determined to make it a staple in my kitchen.  Nutritional yeast gives vegetarians the B12 they need that they're missing from not eating meat.  It also gives a cheesy taste when you add salt.  You can put it on popcorn or practically any meal you want.  I've asked around and there's mixed reviews on nutritional yeast.  However, experts vouch for it (i.e. the amazing Kris Carr).

Popcorn!!  This was a last minute addition to my list because of my comment about it above.  I love popcorn!!  I eat it all the time.  It's such a great snack.  I didn't eat it for the longest time because I don't have a microwave.  My dad was so great and bought me a popcorn maker.  It makes a lot of popcorn for such a tiny machine.  It's just plain popcorn.  So if I want to add spices, that's my decision.  I do eat it plain a lot.  I did try it with curry powder, but I didn't like it.  Maybe someone reading this might.
These are my staples.  What are yours?
"Keep Moving Forward"


  1. Plain popcorn is definitely one of our staples. Also, this made me think of a food blog you might like. I find a lot of delicious stuff there, she's not officially vegan, but most of her recipes are.

    1. The blog looks awesome. The few recipes I did see look amazing.