Thursday, July 18, 2013

Yucky Buggies

I work at a frozen yogurt store.  It's easy but grueling work.  I enjoy the atmosphere and the people I work with.  I started working at this store almost ten months ago.  Since I started in the fall and continued working through colder months, I never experienced what it's like in the summer...I only heard rumors. 

Today, a coworker of mine put strawberries into our solid disposition bucket (we weigh how much waste we have at the end of the day) that we keep in the back by the garbage.  Normally, I would never think of it as a problem.  During the last couple weeks, however, we've had a fly issue.  There's a bunch of tiny flies flying around.  We keep a close eye on the food and make sure none fly into it (if it does, we change the food).  Anyway, the strawberries attracted practically every fly in the store.  My manager decided to put a lid on the bucket since there were so many flies. 

At the end of the night, guess who's job it was to open that lid and empty out it's contents?  That's right, mine!  When I opened that lid I made sure to keep my mouth shut just in case a fly decided to head straight at my face.  After removing the lid, I was greeted with a swarm of flies that looked similar to this:


I was horrified! 

Has anyone seen the movie Cars?  Well there's a scene where the main character drives through a swarm of insects.  Then he smiles at the girl he likes and looks like this:

That is how I felt for the rest of the night!  I even double checked that I didn't have flies in my teeth when I got home.  It's amazing how washing your face and brushing your teeth can rejuvenate you.  Now I can go to bed without thinking about flies buzzing around my head!

I hope you all have a good night.

"Keep Moving Forward"

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