Monday, July 15, 2013

Christmas in July

Christmas in July?  What is that all about?


That's what the majority of the population think, right?  My mom text me the other day telling me about how there are Christmas movies playing on TV.  I don't have cable, so I have no way of knowing this.  I smirk as I respond, "Wow! Really?!" when in reality I've been listening to Christmas music to help myself get in the Christmas mood. 

I've already started budgeting for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I make my gifts each year.  There are only certain gifts, like books that I get for the little ones in my family, that I do not make.  I already have my cards done and some gifts already bought.  I just budgeted for the gift I will be making this year.  Now it's just a matter of saving the money to buy materials.  So I listen to a Christmas song here and there to remind myself to keep on track with my budget. 

On top of budgeting for gifts, I'm budgeting for my round trip ticket back to the east coast.  (I'm originally from the east coast and moved here for college.  After college I decided to stay.)  Plane tickets are EXPENSIVE!!!  Last year, I lucked out big time!  I was able to use my miles from American Airlines and only paid $5, plus $50 for luggage.  Now I'm looking at a possible $800 ticket!  What is this world coming to?  No wonder I start budgeting so early.  I need months to save!

I feel lucky that I have a job where I get tips.  I'm planning to save my tips for the materials needed to make gifts.  Then have those gifts done by September.  It might seem silly to have all my gifts done so early.  But this way, I have from September 1 to December 1 to save as much as I possibly can.  That money can be used strictly for travel.  Also, come December 1...even come December 23...I will not be stressed or worried about finishing gifts.  I'll have them done.  I can enjoy my vacation...stress free!   That's what Christmas time should be: peaceful, relaxing, and filled with joy.  Everyone panics because they wait until the last minute.  I am personally done waiting.

People might think I'm crazy, but I have Christmas in July because it helps me prepare for the real Christmas in December.  That's something I can do for my sanity.  My life is stressful enough.  I need to control what I can. 

"Keep Moving Forward"

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