Thursday, July 18, 2013

Favorite Products

In the last month or so since I decided to go vegan, I've accumulated some favorite products.

I've already mentioned chia seeds in my previous post.  They're a delicious addition to smoothies.  I've read that you can add them to other recipes, but I haven't attempted that yet.

I love Old Fashioned oats.  I love them as oatmeal but I can also make great oatmeal cookies with them.  They're just a great breakfast staple.

I absolutely love soy milk.  I go grocery shopping at Trader Joe's (another obsession of mine).  I buy large cartons of soy milk.  I usually buy two and they last me a month.  They can stay in your cabinet until opened.  One carton can last about two weeks depending on how much you use it.  It saves some money.

My favorite type of food is Italian!  When I chose to go vegan, I began to think about how to make my favorite Italian dishes vegan.  Then I found out that my favorite pasta was vegan.  It's the Barilla Whole Wheat pasta.  I love the flavor.  Plus it's fast to cook versus brown rice.  I love making pasta salads for a quick meal to take to work.  I also enjoy making whole wheat spaghetti with a sauce made out of diced tomatoes, onions, garlic, mushrooms, and seasonings of my choice.  Even just sautéing the cooked pasta in olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and pepper is delicious!

There are still many products I'm dying to try.  For instance, I'd love to try vegan cheese.  Maybe even make a vegan mac and cheese.  I've read that Daiya is the best brand to try.

There's also a brand called Tofutti that I'd like to try.  They have a variety of products including cheese, ice cream, sour cream, and cream cheese.  A lot of recipes I'd like to try, like mashed potatoes list this brand as an ingredient.  I'm excited to try it.

I'm excited to keep experimenting with recipes and making some of my own up.  Just keep trying until it becomes habit.  I'm having fun learning new ways to cook and cooking in general.

"Keep Moving Forward"

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