Saturday, July 20, 2013

Laughter is the best medicine

When you're sick, sad, angry, upset, depressed or whatever negative feeling you can have, the best medicine is laughing.  There are times where I feel really sad and I'll scroll through funny posts on Pinterest. I'll watch a funny movie or TV show.  Sometimes I can even get comedic relief from family members or friends.  Whatever you can do to get your laugh on!  It really does help!

What are my favorites to get me laughing?

Those are some of my favorites from Pinterest and some snippets from movies.

Sometimes, looking at pictures aren't enough and you need to be sucked into a different world.  That's where TV shows and movies come in.

This movie is still out in theatres.  Absolutely hilarious!

Of course, never count out talking to a friend or family member.  I know when I get talking to my best friend, who lives in NYC, I could end up laughing so hard I'm crying.

My best friend, Jordanna, and I (this was taken by my mom after I accidentally hit her)

My cousin Nikki and I

My cousin Aerin and I

I saw this today on my cousin's facebook page.  It made me laugh so hard!  And made my day.

You can find something comedic everyday to make yourself laugh and feel good.  So get your laugh on!

"Keep Moving Forward"

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