Monday, July 15, 2013

Beach + Friends = AWESOME!

This past Saturday I went to the beach with three friends.  It was the perfect beach day!  It was sunny, no clouds in the sky and 80 degrees.  It wasn't humid and had a wonderful breeze.  I had never been to this specific beach. When we approached, it was small and it reminded me of a private beach.  There were apartment buildings right at the edge of this beach.  How cool would it be to live right at the beach?!

We picked a spot in the shade of a tree to sit.  After applying sunscreen, we all headed towards the water.  This is where this beach gets a huge thumbs down from me!  There were rocks covering the floor of this section of the lake!  When I say rocks, I mean small and large rocks.  Every shape and size with little sharp ones springing up and biting the bottom of your feet!  It was exciting when we found small patches of sand.  When I say small, I mean just enough room for the balls of your feet.  You hit the jackpot if you can stand firmly on the ground with nothing but sand underneath. 

Besides the rocks, it was a fun and relaxing day.  I enjoyed swimming and feeling the sun on my face.  It was great to spend time with friends.  We are all so busy working or on a job hunt that it's nice to have a day to relax and enjoy each others' company.

After the beach, we ordered Chinese food and spent the remainder of the day watching movies.  I call that a productive friend day.

"Keep Moving Forward"