Thursday, February 5, 2015

Interpreting Adventures

When I was in college, I thought that my degree would be a golden ticket.  Potential employers would see that degree on my resume and they'd be lining up to hire me.  Since I was aiming for a degree in sign language interpreting, everyone told be that it would be easy to get a job and I'd be comfortable.

Not true.

For some people, interpreting is easy and they are naturals at the profession.  Me?  I struggle.

I have to work hard at it and constantly improve.  The only time I was ever told I was a natural was with theatrical interpreting, which I agree with.

During my senior year, I looked around at all the graduating artists and was confident that I'd be working in my field immediately and won't have to worry like them.  Again, not the case.

Four years after graduating and I'm still not interpreting.  Two years after I graduated, I was interpreting about eight to ten hours a week.  I've always had to depend on one menial job after another to support myself.  So after my license lapsed after completing the two year minimum (there are four levels of licensure), I was stuck with menial jobs.

In the past couple weeks, I have been interpreting more.  I started volunteering where I could and I even found a job I qualified for.

Something just clicked in my head earlier this week.  I am an interpreter.  What am I doing working these jobs?  I need to interpret.

I put it out into the universe and opportunities are starting to come my way.

What can you do to help your dreams manifest?

"Keep Moving Forward"

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