Thursday, November 7, 2013

I'm 25!

Last week on October 31, I turned 25!  I cannot believe it.

When my birthday was approaching, I felt a lot of anxiety.  I didn't know exactly why.  Then in a single moment I realized it was because I thought I'd have a lot more accomplished by the time I turned 25.  I thought I'd be living alone, financially stable, working as a sign language interpreter full time, at my goal weight, and prepping to go back to school in spring 2014.

Even though I do not have all that accomplished, I have succeeded in some of it and have the rest on track.

At 25, I have a bachelor's degree in a career I love.  When I pass the test I just took last month, I can work as a sign language interpreter full time, which will allow me to be financially stable.  I am currently living alone.  I'm not at my goal weight, but I've lost twenty pounds so far and have forty left to go.  I will be returning to school for a second bachelor's in the spring 2015 instead of 2014.  I have accomplished a good deal by 25 and am on my way to meet the rest of my short term goals.

Most importantly, I am happy.  And I am continuing to work to make sure I stay happy.

Here is a before and after picture.  I took the after picture last night.  I went to a movie screening last night with a couple friends.  While I was in the restroom, I looked at myself in the mirror.  For the first time in a long time, I not only felt skinny, but thought I looked skinny.  I'm so proud of myself.

I am making sure to recognize my accomplishments and celebrate those.  It takes too much energy to worry about what you haven't accomplished already.

What have you accomplished?  Why are you proud of yourself?  What makes you happy?

"Keep Moving Forward"


  1. Wonderful post! Love the before and after pictures. Stay focused, stay happy!!!

  2. Ohh I thought I'd have more accomplished by 25, too! But I'm happy with where I am :) You're so positive, I love it! Reminds me that I need to do the same! And I'm happy you're happy! :)

    1. That's so great that you're happy where you are. It's important.

      haha Thanks. It took me a long time to be this positive and genuinely believe in the positivity I was expressing.