Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dream Activity - 1

Is there an activity that you dream of doing?  Skydiving?  Rock climbing?  Joining an art class?

I'm creating a vision board right now.  To create one, collect pictures of everything you want to do or want out of life.  Put them on poster paper or however you choose to create it.  The point is to see your dreams on your wall on a daily basis.


I have many dreams, big and small.  I'm a very adventurous person.  I just can't afford to do everything I want to do right now.  I'm hoping to accomplish one of my dream activities next year.

I'd like to take a trip to Florida.  I want to visit family and go up to Gatorland.  I LOVE ALLIGATORS!!!  They are my favorite animal.  I've loved them since I was five when my parents took me to Gatorland.  They weren't able to get me to leave.  We were there from open to close.  I still would not leave until I got this large plastic alligator from the gift shop.  My dad ended up caving and buying it for me.  I loved it and I actually still have it.  We nicknamed it Visa Gator because my dad needed to use his Visa to buy it since he didn't have enough cash. 

Gatorland now offers a zip line that races above alligators!!  AH!!  Can you hear me squeal through the computer?!   I've always wanted to try a zip line and this one fits me perfectly. 
Zip line + alligators = BEST DAY EVER!

I'd also like to go to the Hippocrates Health Institute while I'm there too.

Hippocrates Health Institute promotes the vegan lifestyle and overall well being.  Many people attend the institute for a variety of reasons.  I am choosing to go to continue my education in the vegan diet and lifestyle.  I want to go for a week, minimum.  I'd also like to apply for a scholarship or financial aide since it is offered. 

My Florida trip is my dream activity/trip that can become a reality within the next year.  It's going to be first on my list.  I'm excited about it and cannot wait until I can go!

What is your dream activity?

"Keep Moving Forward"


  1. You always did so well with a vision board. I'm glad you are starting a new one.

    1. Thanks. I have all my pictures prepped to print. Now I just need to print them and put together the board. =)