Friday, March 7, 2014

Birthday Gifts!

My 25th birthday was back in October.  I meant to post the three previous  posts and the next several a few months ago.  But I got distracted with life.  Now I'm back!

These are some of my amazing gifts I received!

My dad gave me lovely Halloween wine glasses.  There was a third one with a witch on it but it accidentally broke.  But my favorite is the ghost which says "I'm just here for the...BOOS."  HAHA!

I went over my friend Andres' to celebrate my birthday one night (one of many).  We shared two bottles of wine!  Yum!

At  this point, I was still vegetarian and learning to transition to vegan.  So he made me regular cupcakes for my birthday!

His cat, Peeves.

Look at all the beautiful colors!

Andres and I

Ryan and I (he's a mutual friend of me and Andres and was Andres' roommate).

What the cupcakes looked like after taking a bite!  How cool!
I had such a blast that night!  Laid back and super fun.  There's nothing better than spending time with friends and family.
"Keep Moving Forward"

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